Broken Gizmos

by Production Platform 3

Production Platform 3



Tags: Any system Future GM Tools Modern Sci-Fi Traveller

Broken Gizmos

The first digital release from Production Platform 3 has finally arrived!

Broken Gizmos is a fast and easy system for science-fiction authors, Game Masters, and players to create names for those random parts and pieces being damaged or even found in warehouses full of shipping containers. Equipped with just seven six-sided dice, you can use the system to create over FIVE BILLION* unique part-names suitable for everything from spaceships to consumer electronics in just a couple of tosses of the dice. If your game involves techno-geeks and gearheads, you can easily make a list of several parts-names to have handy during play to keep the action fast and furious.

Keep the story running by equipping yourself with the tools you need - don't let it become a … Broken Gizmo!

(* - precise calculations available upon request and assume no supernovas were encountered)