Creature Description Generator Volume 8 - Dragons

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Creature Description Generator Volume 8 - Dragons

Dragons are considered by many to be THE number one monster. It easy to see why. The size, the sharp talons, the majestic wings and of course the breath weapon that can spew forth death and destruction with apparent ease.

This pdf is made to help you come up with details of an existing dragon NPC, create a new one from scratch or even create a whole new sub-species of the flying tyrants! From the tiny to the huge and beyond, this will help you come up with a description or system-free details for your dragon.

This pdf takes information from “Novus Draco” and expands on it and presents it in a system free format in line with others in the CDG series.

Inside you'll find tables for...

  • Size of the dragon
  • Colour/Type
  • Physical Details - Covering their wings, claws, eyes and more
  • The breath weapon - The type, size etc
  • The size of the dragon for each size category
  • The dragons age
  • Name

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