Damnable Things: Rings

by Iron Hills Games

Iron Hills Games



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Damnable Things: Rings

Sometimes it's the treasure that's dangerous ...

Most GMs have had at least one player who has decided to have their character craft their own magic items. Many GMs will have had a player fail. And some will have had a player fail so badly that a cursed item was the result. So what did the player's character end up with?

Cursed items have been far too long relegated to the realms of unspecific generalization. While those items of benefit to their possessors are listed in significant detail, items whose benefits come with a price, or are just outright dangerous, are primarily left to tables of possible effects. No longer shall those select few specific cursed items be forced to stand alone.

Damnable Things: Rings is the first installment in a series of publications focusing on cursed items. In this first installment you will find over 100 specific cursed rings to unleash upon your players, each one being a cursed variant of a specific magic ring. With effects ranging from the humorous to the hazardous to straight out deadly these rings should pose an additional and hopefully unexpected challenge to your players.

You'll also find 15 new beneficial rings, three with improved or greater variants. We're not heartless after all (though you will find cursed versions of these as well ... we're no angels either).