Delightful Discoveries Volume 1 - Pickpocketing – Mundane Items


Brand: Ennead Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Delightful Discoveries Volume 1 - Pickpocketing – Mundane Items

Pickpocketing is a skill that many a thief and rogue possess. It allows them to steal an item from someones person and hopefully make off with it before they are discovered.

This edition of Delightful Discoveries gives you a list of 100 mundane or non-enchanted items your pickpocket may find when they decide to practice their craft.

To make things easier, in this case, pickpocketing also refers to backpacks, satchels and other easy to pilfer containers that someone might be carrying on their person and could miss it when you take it from them.

There are two parts to this. A simple and expanded table. The simple table is just a list of 100 items that could be found, useful for when you just need to know the basics. The expanded entries make use of this list and gives each of them several further sub-options to give you more possibilities.

Sample Entry:


You find some coins. They are

D20 Coins

  • 1–2 Fake
  • 3–4 From another region/country
  • 5–6 Copper
  • 7–8 Silver
  • 9–10 Golden
  • 11–12 Electrum
  • 13–14 Porcelain
  • 15–16 Covered in grime/dirt
  • 17–18 Collectable
  • 19–20 Blanks