Dept. 7 Adv. Class Update: NeoWitch Guardian

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: classes d20/OGL Modern sci-fi

Dept. 7 Adv. Class Update: NeoWitch Guardian

You were empowered in a sacred circle of pagan friends, called to a higher responsibility and purpose than the others of your faith. You are a modern day witch, the spiritual descendant of ancient shamans, primeval druids and wise-women throughout history, and you are even more. Unlike other members of your pacifistic faith, you are an adept combatant, a devotee of a mystical martial art that gives you incredible speed and agility, ultimately even the ability to spurn gravity itself. In your wise hands, the stereotypical tools of your religion become powerful symbols of healing and justice. Like the Acolyte, the NeoWitch Guardian draws her power from faith and an inner connection to the divine. The NeoWitch can break enchantments, heal the wounded, and call upon the strength, courage and grace necessary to seek and destroy supernatural threats, as well as defend modern day witches against those who would persecute them. Written by Chris Field. Artwork by Anthony Cournoyer.