Eldritch Essences: Promethean

by Lost Spheres Publishing

Lost Spheres Publishing



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Eldritch Essences: Promethean

Transcendence at any price...

Drawing the dark tapestries of the Mythos and cosmic horror, Eldritch Essences: Promethean introduces a new player class-the Promethean. Driven by reckless Obsession the Promethean seeks ever deepening mysteries of power unlocking each at the cost of their dwindling humanity.

This volume contains:

  • The Promethean base class a veilweaving champion of the secrets of forbidden lore and dark obsession.
  • Four Obsessions to guide your character’s descent into power and lost humanity: the Adaptationist, the Doppelgänger, the Fleshsculpter, and the Thoughthunter.
  • New Veils including the powerful new fleshwarps to expand existing veilweaving classes like vizier, nexus, and more.
  • New City of 7 Seraphs lore regarding the class and its place within Hyraeatan.
  • New feats and magic items to support the new class and bring their power to other characters.

Can you master the power before it masters you?