Empire Builder Fortifications

by Ennead Games

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Empire Builder Fortifications

Empire Builder Fortifications

You finally have your empire, or “acquired” one. You now have to deal with pesky bandits or those who seek to usurp your rule. You may encounter a fortification of some kind on your adventures, or you may even be the one that is doing the invading on behalf of your Queen!

Whatever the reasons for finding one, a fortification covers a few things, from castles to defensive walls and more. This publication gives you the basic details of the fortification, a starting point from which to build and customise for your own world.

Disclaimer – This publication gives you the outline for a fortification. The exact layout and look will need to be decided by you, although a rough guide is given to help you.

Features/Aspects found within...

  • Age - The age of the fortification
  • Builder/Owner - Who built it and who owns it?
  • Condition - Good condition or a virtual ruins?
  • Current Status - Getting ready for attack or in the middle of one?
  • Defending - What are they defending?
  • Location - Roughly speaking, where is it located?
  • Moat Creature - If there is a moat, what is in it?
  • Morale/Loyalty - Are the inhabitants feeling good or about to break?
  • Notable Defences - As it says
  • Primary Material - What is the main material it is made from.
  • Resources - What resources are nearby?
  • Quality - Applys to many things but tells you if its good or bad
  • Shape and Size - What shape is the castle? How big are the walls (in abstract terms)
  • Type - Is it a wall, a tower or something else?
  • Visual Style - What culture's architectural style does the fortification follow?
  • Other Details - Gives you a rough outline of the population and storage needs