Epic Feats & Familiars

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: d20/OGL fantasy feats

Epic Feats & Familiars

Part of the appeal of RPG's is their linear nature. Rarely does a game "end" in the same sense as a board game or a card game. You continue to gain experience and progress until you reach higher levels. All the core classes top-out at 20th level, but if you wish to continue playing the same characters you then move into the Epic Level! I really enjoy playing Epic level campaigns. Why play a fourth level Dwarf Cleric when you can play a 25th level Paragon Doppelganger! (Yes, I actually did play "Queen Dopplepopolous" in our Epic campaign!) Sometimes it's great to put aside restrictions and notions of "balance" and let lose with some serious POWER GAMING! Epic Feats & Familiars is designed to give players and GM's more options when playing an Epic Campaign. Included in this PDF are 21 new Feats (19 Epic and 2 pre-requisite feats) and a section on Epic Familiars. Now instead of a small cat or a bird, you can have a Roc or an Elder Earth Elemental as your faithfull companion and servant! Or if you prefer, you can imbue that faithful familiar that has stuck with you for so many levels with new Epic abilities. The New Feats presented in this title are: ADDITIONAL ITERATIVE ATTACK ANARCHIC STRIKE AXIOMATIC STRIKE DEATH ATTACK OF OPPORTUNITY DEDICATED PRIEST EIDETIC SPELLBOOK ETERNAL YOUTH EVERLASTING GOD-STOPPER EXTREME HARDINESS HOLISTIC DISCIPLE INTENSIFY SPELL-LIKE ABILITY LIMITLESS POTENTIAL LORD OF BATTLE MANIFEST AURA MIGHTY LIFTING NEGATIVE ENERGY AURA SUDDEN INTENSIFY SPELL UNPARALLELED SPELLCASTER UNSTOPPABLE SPELLCASTER SMITE CHAOS SMITE LAW The final section covers Epic Familiars. You may either choose from a list of powerful new familiars including a Succubus, various Daemons and Devils or even Elder Elementals, among others. You may also choose to imbue your existing familiar with the Epic abilities presented in this section if you prefer.