Heroes Wear Masks, Character Book 2, Magic and Masterminds


Brand: Avalon Games

Format: PDF

Heroes Wear Masks, Character Book 2, Magic and Masterminds

Need a few villains to beat up in your superhero game? Got a new player and need a character template real fast? Well, Avalon is here to save the day! Each issue of the HWM character book series will offer ten new characters for your supers game.

Each character comes with a full stat block detailing all their powers and abilities. Each also comes with a complete background, motivations, and several adventure hooks for using them in your game. What, you want more? Well, each also comes with a full color picture and a figure flat for use on the table when that super battle begins.

While designed for use with Avalon's Heroes Wear Masks system, you can with a bit of work convert these character for any superhero system, so jump into the middle of a super brawl and get these great characters to add to your game.

The second book in the series comes with ten new magic-based characters:

Magic: a young witch with a lot of power

The Amazon: a heroine lost in time

Speed Queen: its hard being as fast a lighting

The Green Ghost: sometimes the dead seek justice

Storm Queen: an exiled queen of hate and storm

Dagger: sister to the Amazon, sworn to vengeance

The Mysterion: overlord of many universes

The Ogre: an enslaved brute

Doctor Death: dead and loving it

The Golem: a creature of myth