Heroes Weekly, Vol 2, Issue #6, Guardian of the Doors


Brand: Avalon Games

Format: PDF

Heroes Weekly, Vol 2, Issue #6, Guardian of the Doors

Each week Avalon Games offers a new issue of Heroes Weekly.

Packed full of great super hero fun, each issue will offer either a short adventure, an NPC or some game mechanics for the Heroes Wear Mask system. While compatible with the HWM system, you can of course use the information presented in each issue for other super hero games, just monkey around with the stats and mechanics to fit the system you are using.

The Guardian of Doors is a transdimensional entity who is responsible for maintaining the integrity between universes. He closes tears in the fabric of space-time and stops those who would seek to tamper with the dimensional boundaries. Given the nature of his duties and the unique status of Earth as a dimensional nexus he can be commonly found on or around Earth and its many extradimensional counterparts. A great character as a friend of foe, use him to spice up your super games. This issue also comes with the Guardians figure flat and some comic horrors to beat up on.

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