High Psionics: Countermeasures

by Dreamscarred Press

Dreamscarred Press



Tags: d20/OGL fantasy Psionics

High Psionics: Countermeasures

Want to stymie the power of a psionic character? Evil manifester set out to rule the world? You need High Psionics: Countermeasures!

This new supplement details:

  • 3 new anti-psionic feats
  • Over 15 new anti-psionic items
  • A new anti-psionic organization
  • An anti-psionic location
  • And a new anti-psionic prestige class

Focusing entirely on new ways to hinder or neutralize psionic power, this release gives a myriad of new possibilities for players and GMs both to use when facing psionic creatures.

And for those games utilizing psionic-magic transparency, these new rules will work for magic as well!