How to Spice Up Your Game


Brand: Avalon Games

Format: PDF

How to Spice Up Your Game

When you play games often, and especially when you play many different games, at some point you might notice that the playing routine starts to get really similar and linear each time you play. Player behavior as well as your own behavior as a game master can easily become all too uniform if you do not vary the game experience enough. This book covers suggestions for many different techniques that, though sometimes unconventional, might help spicing up your game. They introduce new mechanics to your gameplay that can help catch your players attention better or help you all focus more on the experience of having a great time together and telling a good story rather than playing the game in strict routine.

The techniques you will find in this book can be applied to almost any type of Role-Playing Game and can at any point be introduced or completely abandoned if you do not find them fitting your style of play. Most of those measures go unexplored by Game Masters but can really help giving your game that special touch that converts a good game into a perfect game. Some of them are troubleshooters for certain scenarios, others explore Meta game areas that are untouched during regular play sessions and some just help adding a different flavor to your story.