Mad Science in Sunderland - 5e

by ICOSA Entertainment, LLC

ICOSA Entertainment, LLC



Tags: 5th Edition

Mad Science in Sunderland - 5e

This third-level adventure takes place in the Sunderland town of Leacher’s Vale, an unassuming settlement of rough but amiable people. Brewing beneath its streets is a scientist seeking to unlock the powers of tissue regeneration. This madman is nearing a breakthrough, but at a terrible cost. The heroes arrive in town helping an eccentric inventor find the source of bomb-making materials used in a recent attack, but soon must scour the sewers for the laboratory and end the reanimation sequence.

This adventure follows the Trouble in Grassy Spur adventure, and is part of the larger Savig's Salvation adventure path. Character should reach fifth level by the end of this adventure.

The DM should have the Pure Steam Campaign Setting for reference during the game, but it is not required to run the adventure.