Manual of Arcane Combat

by OmegaWar




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Manual of Arcane Combat

In this manual you'll find 2 new classes: the Pyromancer and the Runic Tattooer!

The Pyromancer is a true specialist with fire magic and a fiery warrior, proficient with weapons and light armors, battling with spells and martial skills alike. The Pyromancer also follows mysterious training paths that enhances his capacities with spells and steel, both on the battlefield and while adventuring, making him a versatile combatant and explorer.

The Runic Tattooer is a tribal hunter and warrior, powered by eldritch tattoos. Proficient in the use of different weapons, the deadliest of them are the formidable powers unleashed by the Runic Tattooer's tattoos, capable of even reshape the Runic Tattooer's body in semblance of the beasts and monsters depicted on him. The Runic Tattooer fits any situation, from underwater to aerial battles.

Each with more than 10 racial favourite class bonuses. In addition you'll find several feats specifically created for the two classes, one new spell and a variant rule for augmented movement with size increments. We'll keep them updated and we'll continue to expand them in the future!

Have fun!