Military Scale Weapons -Theres No Kill Like Overkill

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: armor d20/OGL equipment Modern weapons

Military Scale Weapons -Theres No Kill Like Overkill

Ludicrously powerful weapons are a staple of science fiction, and in terms of sheer death-dealing potential, many of the futuristic guns found in the D20 Modern and D20 Future core rulebooks seem a bit anemic. Military Scale weapons are a quick and dirty modification to D20 Modern firearm rules that better simulate futuristic arms technology.

A single shot from a Military Scale energy pistol can vaporize an armored human or punch a hole through a tank, and cutting edge Military Scale armor can withstand impacts massing hundreds of tons of conventional explosives... though the soldier inside the armor might not hold up so well.

Requires the Use of the D20 Modern Core Rulebook, Published by Wizards of the Coast.