Name's Games 2019 Annual Collection

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



Tags: Archetypes Classes Fantasy Feats Magic Items Modern Pathfinder 1e Races Sci-Fi Spells SRD Enhanced Super-Hero Traits

Name's Games 2019 Annual Collection

It’s been a full year since we began our Patreon, and in that time, we’ve compiled 70 pages of exclusive content and custom requests from our patrons. This annual collection brings all of that work together in one place for you to enjoy.


  • 9 races such as body-snatching mind worms, cheshire cats, living skeletons, and transforming robots.
  • 8 classes, including arcane tinkerers, forgemasters, magical heroes, martial artists, and pet monster trainers.
  • Achetypes to play mighty heroes from other planets, champions with specialized tech armor, and whip-wielding protectors against the darkness.
  • Feats, equipment, magic items, and more.

==Some of the themes we hit on during 2019 include==

  • Alice in Wonderland*, Animorphs*, Arrow, Castlevania, Danny Phantom*, Full Metal Alchemist, Green Lantern*, Guyver, Iron Man, Kingdom Hearts*, Magic: the Gathering, Naruto, Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Sesame Street, South Park, Stargate, Superman*, Sword Art Online, Tank Girl, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime*, World of Warcraft, Xenogear, and X-Men*

==Some of the content we’ve created homages to include==

  • Runemasters and runethanes*, playable ghosts* and skeletons, dragon speakers*, anime roleplaying character classes, and modern equipment, including cars*

* This is explored in preview content found only on Patreon and in their associated books.