Pathfinder Toolkit

by Lateensoft




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Pathfinder Toolkit

Whether you are a Pathfinder RPG player, a GM, or both, Pathfinder Toolkit has something to make your games more focused on the quests, and less on the upkeep of your papers.

Features include:

  • Complete character sheet manager for all your characters.
  • Campaign party manager for GMs to keep track of their party members stats.
  • Integrated initiative/encounter tracker to quickly make instances for your party.
  • GM party stat roller to perform mass rolls for skill checks.
  • Character ability score calculator
  • Emergency virtual dice set (for when you forget your dice set at home!)

We understand that pen and paper RPGs are designed to be used with, well, pen and paper. In order to accommodate this, our character sheet is designed to resemble traditional character sheets as much as possible, allowing a high degree of freedom, with just the right amount of technological assistance.

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If you find any bugs, or things you think need improving, please email the developer and let him know!