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The QAD (Quick-and-Dirty) series from Avenger Enterprises presents an array of game resources which can be used with QADVentures or as a supplement to any other rules set.

The QAD system is, as the name suggests, all about rapidly creating in-game resources without slowing down play or requiring endless mathematical calculations. QADVerse is a 'worldbuilding' book for people who want to get on with playing a game.

It answers the questions that space adventurers tend to ask, like:

  • What are the nearest star systems
  • Which ones have habitable planets?
  • How many people live there?
  • Do they have a spaceport?
  • What sort of technology do they have?
  • What sort of society can we expect to encounter?

QADVerse contains everything necessary to create a region of space and to populate it with interesting and plausible societies. It presents quick and simple methods to create a plausible star system, to determine who lives there, and to define their society and to rate its technological capabilities, all in the sort of terms that a game needs.