Quick Generator - Futuristic Cryptozoology

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Quick Generator - Futuristic Cryptozoology

What manner of techno-fantasy creature have you discovered?

Technobreeds, Mecha-Species. Call them what you will. They are the result of a fusion of the realms of science technology and the so-called fantastic creatures. From the rare Laser Unicorn to the feared and deadly Gamma Dragon and more, each has some element of science and the fantastic combined within their frame and genetics.

This Quick Generator gives you a concept or idea for such a creature. Using 2 xd100 tables you have 10,000 possible concepts or ideas to help you populate your world with these hybrids.

Examples from the 10,000 possible combinations include...

  • Atomic Dwarf
  • Laser Unicorn
  • Supersonic Lich