Quick Generator - Space Vehicles

by Ennead Games

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Quick Generator - Space Vehicles

Quick Generator - Space Vehicles

A quick generator doesn’t have many tables. It has been designed to come up with something in a quick and easy fashion, as the name would suggest.

This one helps you to generate a quick description or class-name for many types of space-going vehicles, from armoured drop-pods to long-range carriers and more.

Useful for when you need to...

  • Fill out a fleet roster
  • Give a quick description of a craft ahead
  • Describe what ship an NPC is currently flying

Featuring -

  • 2 x d100 tables
  • A system for using these d100 tables in more than one combination, allowing for even more permutations

Sample output -

  • Crippled Dreadnaught
  • Bladed Botany ship
  • Rapid Interdimensional Patroller
  • Trans-Temporal Scout