Rewarding Roleplaying

by Spes Magna Games

Spes Magna Games



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Rewarding Roleplaying

Are you a DM who wants a little more oomph from your players? Do they need some incentive to play their roles with more feeling? Even if your players are bona fide thespians, there's likely still room for improvement. But how?

With Rewarding Roleplaying, a toolkit with alternative rules that help give players more input into the narrative flow of the game. Here's a partial list of the tools found in Rewarding Roleplaying:

* An Action Point system that uses three criteria to encourage and rewards better roleplaying. Best of all, the responsibility for establishing these criteria belongs to the players. They set their own roleplaying goals. When they meet their goals, you the DM hand out the reward in the form of an Action Point, which is then used by the player to achieve greater levels of success in the game.

* The Do Something! Chip system that lets players take an active hand in making a game session more exciting.

* Plus other tools, such as an Exploding Dice system that makes PCs more heroic while reducing their reliance on magic items; advice for implementing player-driven flashbacks suitable for almost any RPG; and the Statement system, which lets players define their PCs via short descriptive statements that provide in-game bonuses.