Servants of Shadows: Five Necromancy-themed Races

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



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Servants of Shadows: Five Necromancy-themed Races

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Servants of Shadows: Five Necromancy-themed Races

Necromancy is not a study for the weak at heart, mind or soul. It is a study for those who desire true mastery over life and death

It is true power - the power to overcome death itself, to grant one's self immortality and to raise armies of untiring, unflinching and unwavering soldiers who unquestioningly obey your every command

It is the seductive whispers of shadows, the chilling breath of a wraith and the wet bloody kiss of a Mohrg

I can teach you the secrets of necromancy. I can make you immortal. I can show you the paths to power. But it will cost you For there is always a price to pay

Servants of Shadow is the latest in our series of racial guidebooks. We bring you five new necromancy-themed character race options to fill that dark hole in your heart. Within are three new races, three templates, new archetypes and prestige classes, dozens of feats, traits and magic. This product contains 67 pages of content, all hyperlinked to the d20pfsrd website. It's everything you need to resurrect your campaign and dig up some great necromantic character options!