Ships of Clement Sector 4-6: Traders, Scouts, and Small Craft 2nd edition (OGL Version)

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Brand: Gypsy Knights Games

Format: PDF

Ships of Clement Sector 4-6: Traders, Scouts and Small Craft compiles the fourth, fifth and sixth volumes of our popular PDF starship series. Included within this book are such varied vehicles as the F38-D Lightning System Defense Fighter, the MC-17-11 Modular Cutter, the Starlight-class Light Trader, the Dromedary-class Tanker and the Jinsokuna Chirashi-class Yacht.

Each ship is beautifully detailed with multiple views, detailed deckplans and full statistics. Also included are several NPCs and adventure hooks to get these vessels quickly and easily into your campaign.

While each of these ships has been specifically designed to fit into the Clement Sector setting, they could easily be used in other settings or within other science fiction RPGs if needed.

Get on board! Adventure awaits!