Summoner's Compendium (3.5 Edition)

by Samuel Thomas

Samuel Thomas



Tags: 3rd Edition/3e Classes Fantasy GM Tools Magic Monsters/Enemies Player Aids Spells Traits

Summoner's Compendium (3.5 Edition)

Summoner’s Compendium (3.5 Edition) is a 358-page book containing 277 creatures from the Conjuration subschools (Calling, Creation, and Summoning) spells. Creatures summoned under the subschool (Summoning) have Augmented Summoning, Celestial, and Fiendish template stats added to them. For summoned allies with Battle Frenzy or Rage, those bonuses and penalties have been added as well. There is nothing to add or take away from any of the creatures. This task has been done for you. Each creature has its own stats and illustrations. So, enjoy the comfort of having all the information available for you on one designated creature page. Simply turn to that summoned creatures page, and that creature is ready to use. Summoning has never been easier, than with the Summoner's Compendium.