Technobable Generator - Expanded

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



Tags: Future GM Tools sci-fi

Technobable Generator - Expanded

In all good sci-fi games and stories, having impressive sounding technology can help with the immersion.

If something is broken, faulty, been stolen or needs to be modified, you need to know what it is called. It can be weird effects, or something your scanner has picked up. The point is to make it sound futuristic and science-y

What is actually does though is another matter entirely.

Please note that this is a expanded version of the original Technobabble generator by Ennead Games and contains the same information as the original product plus extras to expand the possible results even more.

Some of those combinations include:

  • Auxiliary spectral chamber
  • Reversed electro-magnetic assembly
  • Temporal molecular discriminator
  • and many more