The Cosmic Armory -A micro-sourcebook for the Psi-Watch Campaign Setting


Brand: Skortched Urf' Studios

Format: PDF

Weapons from Deepest Space

The genocidal war between the Culture and the Blooded Ghosts has burned hot for longer than sentient life has existed on Earth. And like all wars, this million-year blood feud has spurred the creation of deadly new weapons of war- weapons capable of ripping apart the weave of reality and change the pattern. And as impressive as the Culture and Blooded Ghost weapons described here are, they're like obsidian tipped spheres compared to some of the ancient, enigmatic weapons forged by cultures long extinct. Some of the deadliest weapons in the known universe are described, and will give Psi- Watch characters good cause to worry if they show up anywhere near Earth-space.

The alien artifacts and unexplainable weapons in this micro-sourcebook are designed specifically for the Psi-Watch campaign setting, but can be used with any D20 Modern or D20 Future campaign, including Otherverse America and Galaxy Command.