The Onmyoji - A Japanese Occult Diviner

by Interjection Games

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The Onmyoji - A Japanese Occult Diviner

The onmyoji is a practitioner of onmyodo, which is best described to the western layman as a sort of occult druidism with a focus on communication with spirits, whose advice and protection provides powerful abjuration and divination abilities. An adept onmyoji is in touch with the natural world, as well as the spirits that tend to it. Historically, onmyoji were retained by rulers and other decision makers to help ensure that all festivals and other holidays fell on lucky days, as well as in an advisory role regarding policy. Some onmyoji differentiated further, becoming ritualistic healers.

The kami are the onmyoji's lifelong allies. Some, he venerates as gods, while he may bind other, lesser spirits to his direct service as shikigami. The spirits of the land can be petitioned directly, or their powers channeled through mystical talismans: o-fuda and omamori. Without these spirits, the onmyoji is nothing in a fight, but without the onmyoji, the spirits have no mortal herald to call their own.

In game terms, an onmyoji is a powerful support spellcaster with an equally powerful shikigami spirit at his side. Completely devoid of classic Vancian magic systems, an onmyoji is instead possessed of powerful area denial magic through the use of talismans, which channel power that is impossible to resist, thus necessitating the destruction of the talisman to get around his magic.

Product Features:

  • The onmyoji base class, a pet-focused full caster with two new systems of magic: petitions and talismans, and no traditional Vancian magic
  • Rules for an onmyoji's shikigami, a powerful bound spirit that has its own spellcasting resources
  • 29 talismans, with separate effects for area-of-effect o-fuda or single-target omamori
  • 28 petitions, which call upon great beings, even Buddhist and Shinto gods, for aid
  • 7 Friendship feats, representing a personal relationship with one of the Seven Lucky Gods. Each feat empowers that god's iconic petition.
  • 6 Shikigami feats
  • 6 Onmyoji feats
  • Complete bookmarking of all sections and tables