The Vitalic Sorcerer: a Variant Sorcerer Class

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



Tags: 5th Edition Fantasy Magic

The Vitalic Sorcerer: a Variant Sorcerer Class

The Vitalic Sorcerer is a variant sorcerer class for the 5th Edition of the 'World's Most Popular Roleplaying Game." Sorcery has long been described as something that comes from within, both in roleplaying games and fiction, but never truly represented as such with mechanics that represent the flavor and feel of that magic subsystem. Sorcerers were little more than slightly rebranded wizards.

That ends with the Vitalic Sorcerer, an all-new take on the sorcerer class. Their spells are truly fueled from within, using their Constitution and actual health to cast spells! But such power does not come without risk, as the power within is often fickle and difficult to control...

Come check out the Vitalic Sorcerer and see:

  • An all new take on the sorcerer class
  • A new spellcasting system fueld by hit points
  • 7 Sorcerous Origins for the Vitalic Sorcerer
  • The Spellborn background
  • New spells

Unleash the true power of your bloodline!