Ultimate Cartomancy 5e

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



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Ultimate Cartomancy 5e

Deckbuilding spellcasting designed to mitigate bad luck

The Flavor

We are born, and we die. Between these two events, fate is surprisingly malleable. Sadly, these endpoints are what draw the most attention. Thousands of spellcasters seek to "cheat death" or "play god", all the while ignoring just how much power every other point on the timeline of a life happens to have.

Rather than claim to manipulate the endpoints of fate, a particular brand of divine spellcaster known as cartomancers play around in the delightfully squishy center of the lifeline. Here, fate really doesn't care what happens, and all sorts of crazy things can be brought into being.

The Process

  1. When making a new cartomancer, choose the classic deck or the deathdealer deck. These cards are your collection.
  2. Using your collection, build an active deck made of least, lesser, and greater portents.
  3. Your hand is drawn from your active deck, but if you don't like your hand, you can discard cards to power seals, a limited resource that reduces the random nature of cards by giving you a number of deterministic "outs" per day.

Product Features

  • The cartomancer base class with four archetypes: ace, dealer, shyster, and wildcard
  • Two cartomancy decks: classic and deathdealer, each with their own overarching themes and combos
  • The Multitudes of Fate feat, which allows for selected cards from a special, third deck to be added to the player's repertoire
  • Print-and-play classic, deathdealer, and multitudes decks, complete with rules help
  • Equivalence tables that allow for the use of poker cards if the print-and-play cards are unavailable (But use them, please!)