Vendetta Ship Book I

by Avalon Games

Avalon Games



Tags: future Sci-fi

Vendetta Ship Book I

Vendetta Ship Book I

The Starships and Spacecraft series from Avenger Enterprises presents an array of spacegoing vessels for use in science-fiction roleplaying games. All designs are compatible with the Traveller RPG from Mongoose Publishing, but offer a different take on interstellar travel that will open up new adventure possibilities.

Starships and Spacecraft Book 1: Vendetta presents a range of vessel designs, ranging from humble utility boats, shuttles and resupply ships to frontier traders and passenger vessels. These ships were designed with the Far Avalon background in mind but can be used in any SF gaming setting.

The featured design is the Vendetta class light assault ship, a popular vessel with small mercenary forces and corporate security units. Examples have also been converted for use as an extremely well protected trading vessel, or as a pirate or planetary raider.