Wands Recrafted

by d20pfsrd.com Publishing

d20pfsrd.com Publishing



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Wands Recrafted

The "Recrafted" series seeks to redesign certain rules components for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In this instance we look at magic wands.

A frequent complaint regarding magic wands is that they are basically nothing more than 'spell-in-a-stick' items. In this supplement, we reimagine wands in a way that makes them more interesting as well as relevant to the casters who use them. Hopefully these rules will make every spellcaster at your table want to have a wand of his or her own that is custom-made to their character's portfolio of magical expertise items they will keep for a long period of time and use over and over again.

This product includes rules for crafting 'complex' wands as well as ten new wands using the rules, including: 

  1. Blight Witch's Wand
  2. Conductor's Wand
  3. Totem Animal Wand
  4. Vampire Hunter's Wand
  5. Wand of Cinders
  6. Wand of Force
  7. Wand of Good Fortune
  8. Wand of Illustrious Healing
  9. Wand of Temporal Ravaging
  10. Wand of Winter

Nine new Feats, including:

  1. Bloodfired Recharge
  2. Channeled Recharge
  3. Hexing Recharge
  4. Inspired Recharge
  5. Reservoir Recharge
  6. Studious Recharge
  7. Wand Counterspell,
  8. Wand Counterspell, Improved
  9. Wand Counterspell, Absorbent

In addition, this product makes use of an assortment of spells* from Pathfinder 3rd Party Publishers, including:

* All necessary spell details are included, no further purchases are necessary.